Page 1 Price Promise

P1PP a scheme where we work hard for you to ensure you get on the first page of Google for your key terms and lowers the risk for you the customer.

*The P1PP only applies to our SEO clients who are using WordPress at this time only.

How does it work?

We charge 50% of the cost of the work as a deposit and if in 3 months you’re not on the first page of google then you do not need to pay the rest of the bill.


Why not free until the First Page?

Because nothing in life is free, our time for optimising your homepage, creating landing pages templates & content, monitoring your website and so on isn’t free.

We know that there are a great deal of seo companies out there who promise the world and its free until they deliver but we’re not one of them.


What’s Covered

We will install a plugin that tracks the progress of your keywords for you along with a history graph.

The promise that if we don’t get you to page one of google then you only pay half – even if you naturally grow to being on the first page on the 4th month!

A final report with the rankings of your chosen keywords with a screenshot of the WordPress Plugin giving you the results.


What’s not Covered

Any movement after you’ve made it to page one, this is due to other companies being able to purchase SEO from another company and knock you down.