Our Web Design Process

Here at Carnfield Web Design Ltd we use our own 6 phase web design process.

This process helps maintain our high standard in Web Design and Development, aslong as keeps you, the customer up to date with where we are in your project.  Depending on the packge you have chosen some of these stages may not be applicable (ie Value, £250 company websites where design is limited).


1. Information Gathering

The first step to designing and developing a successful website that you the customer are happy with is to gather all the information required to make your project a success.

This first step is perhaps one of the most important step in ensureing the rest of the project runs smoothly and without delay.

The main part of this process is:-

What is the main purpose of your website? What information is key, is there a service you wish to promote or perhaps a product?

What is the end goal for you? For example: Is it to make money selling your products and services? Or is it just to provide information on your products or services?

Target Audience
All too often this is overlooked, and its quite important.  Is there a specific group of people you wish to target your information, products or services to?  Consider your customers average age and sex.

Quite possibly the most important part of your website, if your information isn’t relevent, hard to find or just plain difficult to digest then you’ll struggle with both sales and search engine results. We offer content copyrighting for all our customers – from tweaking something you’ve already typed up to writing whole pages from scratch.  Please note that content writing or tweaking is not provided free of charge.


2. Planning

Using all the information you’ve provided, along with our expertise we will begin to plan your web project / website.

At this point we will create a “Site Map” – this will list all the main areas of your website or online shop.  This serves as a guide to what content will be where on the site, and is also essential to developing a consistant, easy to use, user friendly navigation system through your site or shop.

Your customers will must be kept in mind throughout the entire process, and must be designed and developed around making things easy for them.

During this phase we will recommend certain features that should be implimented, such as interactive forms, banners and sliders.


3. Design

Building off the information that we’ve gathered up to this point its time to start designing the look and feel of your website.

Target audience is perhaps the main thing to consider in the design for example, a site aimed at Teens would look much different to one that was for an Accounting Firm, so you need to ensure the right colours, logo and layout are what’s best for you.

We will create what we call a Design Draft, which is basically a JPG image of what your website would look like, this some times has filler dummy text and photos, but not to worry that can be changed later.  Once you’ve received this design draft we will then proceed with emails back and forth regarding tweaks and improvements that you may want.

Once a design draft is confirmed, and you are happy with it, we’ll proceed with the development.

IMPORTANT: Once we have had confirmation that you are happy with the design and wish to proceed then any futher alterations or adjustments to the look and layout of the website may be charged extra (example, if you decide you want a totally different layout and colour scheme then we would charge you more).


4. Development

The development stage is where the web site that we have designed for you is created.

This is generally done by creating a page template that will serve as a shell for the rest of the websites pages, if your website has a blog or is an online shop we will have to make a template for the other areas, such as a category view, product view or checkout.

Any forms or animated effects will be implimented.

At the very early forms of the development process the website will not be live to you the customer – and will remain so until we have created a resonable representation of the website from the draft.  Please note when given access a vast majority of work will still be required – but will allow you to look over the website and start adding content if required.


5. Testing

Once the development of your website is complete we will begin testing it.

The website will remain hidden from the world until you are happy with everything – and that the website is fully functional to your requirements, further minor tweaks or slight adjustments may be made to enhance the working of your website.


6. Launch & Mainenance

Once the testing is complete and you’ve confirmed you are happy with every aspect of the website then we will proceed to make the website Live to the world.

Depending on your package you will have a CMS option that will allow you to add, edit and remove content.  If you would prefer for us to manage this completely for you then we have a range of Monthly Packages or will charge you a One off Payment.

Prior to making any website live we will request the final payment in full.
Full training on how to use your website can be provided, and we do supply an easy to use guide, and we’re always on hand to help over the phone or when out of business hours via email.