Website Finance

Need a Website? Short on Cash?
Looking for Interest Free Monthly Payments?

Getting a website for a new business is usually one of those “I really need one, but I can’t afford one” scenarios. Luckily you’ve visited Carnfield!  We are committed to helping you succeed and giving you and your business the best possible start.

Please be aware that Carnfield Web Design Ltd does not actually offer any credit of any time, think of it as more of a staggered payments solution – as if you were paying for web hosting monthly.


0% APR, ZERO Credit Checks

No one needs the hassle of credit checks when they’re just setting out – or sitting worrying about massive APR and paying for a website for the rest of  your life.   Carnfield is different, we’re not a bank.  What we are, are friendly, reliable people with a wish to make Great Britain, Great Again!  All you need to qualify for our 0% APR no Credit Check Finance options is the deposit for the work – which is generally 20-30% of the total web project value.


We understand  your needs!

It’s hard work looking for a website grant and to apply for it, but to actually be eligible and only getting part payments usually still not good – especially when you have to fork out for the whole thing then claim some of the money back anyway.


So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one really, However you are  required to be one of our hosting customers, our Content Managed Hosting starts at just £60/year and is hosted in the UK.



*Please note that Carnfield Web Design Ltd reserve the right at any time to refuse customers to our Pay Monthly price plans, all requests are processed on a case to case basis.  A high-risk company may incur a slightly higher initial deposit.  If you do not pay the monthly invoices until your balance is fully paid then your website may get turned off.