Mobile Web Design Nottingham

Mobile Web Design NottinghamA mobile website is optimised for viewing on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android Phones, Tablet PC’s and iPads.

There can be many reasons for wanting to maximise the browsing experience for your visitors / customers on mobile devices, but increase in sales is number one.  If your customers are struggling to find you on their phone, or find the information they need then they will go elsewhere.

The use of mobile devices to browse the internet has grown at an incredible rate, so don’t miss out on all that potential clientele.

We can design and create you a website specifically for mobile devices, or we can redesign your entire current website to be responsive.


What is Responsive and how does it effect the web?

Good question. Well as we all know, Responsive means “Reacting Quickly and Positively”, basically how Responsive websites work is that the screen resolution (or screen size) is worked out and then the content is resized to fit that, menu’s can become drop down menus and images resized to fit.  Try it with our website, slowly make the browser window width less and you’ll notice the magic starts to work.  Or you could just view this website on your mobile phone.


How much Does it cost?

This is a good question and unfortunately we cannot say until we’ve seen your website and know your requirements fully. However for a plain static template style website prices begin at around £200.  For a brand new Website Designed in a CMS System, then your looking at around £500+.

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