Instant eCommerce

Need to sell online in a hurry?

We can get you up and running, with your colours and logo in 24hours from just £300.

Our Instant eCommerce is a service we provide that will get you online with your chosen eCommerce Platform and Template, fully licensed within 24 hours*.  This is an express feature that is perfect for customers who don’t want the stress or hassle of going through the Design Process, and just want something that’s high quality, easy to use and fast to set up.  It’s a far better alternative than the monthly subscription websites – and your free to move away to another host at any time you like.

All of our Instant eCommerce orders are done by hand, there is no automation, everything done by a person in the UK, within 24 hours*.

We have a checklist to help get your Online Shop up and Running ASAP.

  • Choose a Domain Name.
  • Think of a Password that you’ll remember.
  • Colour Choice and Logo at Hand.
  • List all email accounts you’ll need setting up in Google Apps.

Please note, if you already own a domain name we will need access to edit the Name Server details.  Currently we only allow customers to host with ourselves when ordering an Instant eCommerce store.  This is because we know our Web Server is capable of running all ecommerce solutions, with all the modules that we may need, and we know it’s secure.  If you want an Instant eCommerce Store but want it hosting elsewhere, please contact us.


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