Google #1 Spot Random for many Searches on IE

Posted on: November 15th, 2013 by carnfield

People have been noticing an annoying occurrence with Google recently. We are a Nottingham SEO Company so we watch the rankings of google nearly daily, for both ourselves and our customers.

We came across a very strange few searches where websites that were 9th or 8th on Google had suddenly shot up to the top of google.  However it appears to be not that simple, of course it’s random – and Web Browser based.

It seems Google are giving equal, random pegging to the #1 spot on Google provided you are at least on page 1.  It’s a highly odd factor that will most likely now NULL just about anyone guaranteeing #1 on Google, because obviously that’s random for most keywords, mainly being local ones.

For example, all Rank checkers class us as 3rd for SEO Company Nottingham, yet if you search it and keep refreshing the #1 spot will change if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This “bug” or new system seems to happen only on Internet Explorer that we’ve noticed.

Our theory is this, the #1 spot on google for local searches (atleast in IE) is rotated around companies that are closest to your current IP address, and that they will remove this intoxicating spam list of google “local” companies from the search results.

Either way, what ever happens, you know with Carnfield we’re on the ball and keeping up to date with the latest in SEO news, so if you’re looking for an SEO Company in Nottingham, Give us a call: 0115 888 2772

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