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Custom Mobile Browser Theme Tab Colour

Hello everyone, Carnfield welcome you to another useful code hint /tip. Today we are looking at mobile browser window colour changes.  You may have noticed browsing around the internet how some websites have shiny colour coded tabs / browser windows. Well, we’ve been asked time and time again about it, and its a really simple […]

WHMCS Fix DataTables warning: table id=tableInvoicesList – Cannot reinitialise DataTable.

There’s nothing worse for your company than customers viewing Error Messages when they’re trying to view their Invoice – it makes you look bad! For many of you using WHMCS you might be plagued with the error:- DataTables warning: table id=tableInvoicesList – Cannot reinitialise DataTable. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/3 There […]

WooCommerce, How to Filter Products by Price as Default

It’s one we keep getting asked, and it’s one that’s very simple to fix. So if you’re stuck with the default filtering making your life hell with WooCommerce, look no futher, the answer is finally at hand! It involves opening your WordPress Theme’s functions.php and adding this very simple text snipping:- // WooCommerce Result Filter […]